All you need (Be inspired today 196 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

No matter what I am going through, I will stick to my belief that God can give me what ever I want. He can.

Belief is what we need.

God is in control. He is the one who determines.

But, he allows us to influence his decision about what he allows to happen. This is as mysterious as God himself. If we are looking to have a full understanding of this mystery, we will be disappointed.

God has equipped us with intelligence to know things and take decisions, but that intelligence is not limitless. If it were, we would overthrow him.

He knows the power of ambition, which he himself created; the work of his own hands. Hence, He has equipped us with powers of subordinate to His lest vaulting ambition pushes us to overthrow him and destroy the work he has done – the universe which he created.

Though limited and subordinate to His, the power He has given us is immense. It can enable us to do marvels especially if we acknowledge and partnership with Him.

Some have partnered with Him and have done marvels here on earth. The majority, have not. They do not give him enough say in their affairs.

You give God a say in your life and affairs through faith and prayers.

Have faith in his power to do what you want.

Tell him in prayer that you have faith in him.

Show him in action that you mean what we say.

Obey the laws he has given us to live by.

He will give you whatever it is that you want.
Belief that is deep;
Belief that is beyond mere words;
Belief that is shown in action;
Belief that is seen in obedience, That is all you need.

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