I am Free!

I just want to share to you guys how our God change my acts, desires, mindset and life. It took me many years and a braver heart to post my testimony. I pray to God that if you are not okay today, trust in Him and surrender all your worries and fears. God will provide you not only the things the will fulfill your daily needs but also the answer your heart is seeking for a long time. God bless us all!

I am Basha, the eldest of the three beautiful children of Marie and Victorio. I grew up as an independent child for I used to live with my aunties and uncles. My mother had to work far from home and my father was staying with his first family. Yes, I am an illegitimate child. I was raised by my aunties and uncles, exposed to various vices and chaotic neighborhood. I remember those nights that I couldn’t sleep because my uncle and his wife were into quarrel. He even pointed his gun and I saw his eyes fiercely cursing his wife.

I had to live with that kind of life. Before my mom left me to the hands of her brothers and sisters, she taught me how to pray before having my z’s. But, I forgot to do it as I grew older.

Then, one night, it was fifteen years ago, an event happened that changed my life. That made me act and talk like a cold and numb soul.

I WAS RAPED. For an early age, I did not know that it was already a rape.


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    • Thank you! God is so good that He has given me the strength and courage for me to rise up. I thank God for the lives of my readers and be able to share to you guys His good news. God bless you too! <3

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