Parenting (Quote)

“Parenting is very important. It is right at home that we start making our child a success or a failure in life. Many of us contribute to the failure of our own children without knowing it. We do not pay attention to what we tell them whereas children believe what they are told about themselves and grow with that belief. This determines how they perform in life. So parents must watch out.” Woman Wearing Orange Off Shoulder Blouse (Romilia quotes)

3 thoughts on “Parenting (Quote)

  1. good parenting is very important for a child’s success.. So, every parent should try to inculcate good habits among their kids which would lead to developing a well behaved and healthy kid who would be able to face all the hurdles of his life coming ahead..

  2. And yet, some of the most under-parented people have become the largest successes while the ones who have had some of the best parenting in the world have fallen victim to becoming lazy, undriven and addicted of society.

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