Life is complex

Life is not easy;
At times it seems easy,
But it’s not at all;
Life is complex;
At times, you get it right,
At others, you get it wrong;
St times, you think
Your answer is right
Meanwhile it is wrong;
At times, you think
Your answer is wrong,
Meanwhile, it is right.
That is the complexity
Of life;
If someone tells you
Life is easy,
Tell them they are lying;
Or they know what
They are talking about.


One thought on “Life is complex

  1. Life is easy and I am not lying. My life is easy. 😄😄😄 It is only our choice how we treating our life, if you choose it hard it will be, but if you love challenges that coming to you and strengthening your willpower and mind and you meeting them with appreciation and with ability to learn, then life is easy. I am staying away from those who is suffering every single day. Poor things.

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