The Christian couple

How are Christian couples seen by others? Do Christian couples truly love themselves as husband and wife? Do Christian couples respect their marital vows? Can a Christian spouse die for the other?

Read this story:

Robbers entered a house and asked for all the money
and valuables.
After they had collected what they could, they gave the
man of the house a gun with instructions to
shoot his wife or else he would be shot himself.
The man got the gun, pointed it at his wife and hesitated.
He is thought of what he had gone through in life
with his wife and how she had suffered and sacrificed for him.
He handed back the gun to the gang leader and said, “I am sorry I can’t do this…”
The gang leader silently grabbed the gun from him and passed it on to his wife with the
same instruction to shoot her husband or be shot.
The wife got the gun and without any single hesitation pointed it to her husband’s head and pulled
the trigger.
Luckily for the man, there were no bullets in the gun.

The robbers got their gun
and walked out of the house laughing.

Question for discussion:
1. If you were the man in that house and a Christian man, how would
you react towards your Christian
2. If you were the wife, and a Christian wife, what explanation would you
give to your
3. If you as a proud Christian were invited to advice Christian couples using this story, what advice
would you give them?

5 thoughts on “The Christian couple

  1. A doubtful disputation, this. The Christians operate in their homes and relationships exactly as does the world. They operate with “dating” and their “love-then-marriage” model which has exactly no scriptural context whatsoever. It’s pathetic to watch.

  2. Too early in the morning for such thoughts. I’d forgive her but not forget.
    As a wife, I would not have done that so cannot explain her actions.
    For all people I’d say, love each other, cling to each other, don’t be puppets on others strings, in sickness and in health for richer and poorer until death do us part.

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