The choice is not yours

Some days are like birds
In the sky;
Flying freely up and down;
What you do not expect
Is what comes your way;
Freely flying like birds
In the sky;
It may be good,
It may be bad;
All is
It’s what you never
Expected to have;
Which says much
About the life we live;
No one can say
What God has for one;
You may desire a thing
And the exact opposite
Is what he gives you;
But sometimes
What you desire
Is what exactly he gives you;
What you desire;
The choice never is yours;
Always the choice is his;
You need, he knows better
Than you;
You have to put your trust
All in him;
Whatever is good,
Ask and he will decide;
If it’s in stock,
For sure, he will give you.


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