My guess

My guess is
Today will be a good day;
A quiet day;
What about a peaceful day?
No popping of corn;
Everyone looks tired;
Indeed, worn out;
Too much of corn popping;
Popcorn in the morning,
In the day;
In the night;
Who can stand this?
A ban on popcorn;
Mouths are also for talking;
Not only for chewing;
So let’s sit and talk;
If no table,
We sit on the bare ground
And talk frankly and laugh
And be happy;
And move on
Good family.
We are tired of popcorn.
Don’t overwork our ears;
And our teeth.


4 thoughts on “My guess

  1. Bravo, let us use our mouths for sharing, caring and letting each other know we love them in a quiet setting. Love your use of popcorn to make a point. Nicely done. Thank you.

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