A Representative of Christ

Everyone comes into life to serve a great purpose. That is our destiny. We extend a hand in life to help the broken, but it’s Christ who chooses the believers He wants to represent Him. Faith is a large part of the commitment, but it’s the renewed spirit which Christ blesses each time. I, too, am not worthy to wipe the dust from our Father’s holy feet, but for an unknown reason, God duly elected me. I am a representative of Christ, an emissary, an evangelist of His word. But, I was the man most people least suspected to be His ambassador. This is how God works among humanity. He selects the defeated, renews their heart and mind, and sends them into the world as a witness of His great love.

My heart filled with emotions, and it danced with a joy I didn’t think was possible. All I could do was reverently thank God for the opportunities He opened up before my eyes. It’s a select few picked to serve our Lord on a greater platform, representing Him in the interim of His great return. Yes, this includes ministers, pastors, priests, missionaries, and then just the ordinary… like me.

Do you know how Christ chooses who will live in His shadow as disciples? Millions live in a holy relationship with the Lord, but a genuine disciple usually is considered a social outcast. They have a more profound knowledge of God and wisdom; perhaps a miraculous incident occurred with Him. Often, they are rejected by family and friends and considered “weird” or a false prophet. Demon possessed people react strongly to them, and immature Christians spew insulting comments their direction. Disciples, or anointed chosen followers, stand alone in a mocking world. I’ve experienced all of these things, but with God by my side, I endure all the accusations and criticisms, knowing He is my strength and power.

In the Bible, Jesus’ biological half brothers rejected Him and His ministry. King David was ridiculed for obeying and following the Lord. Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sarah, was born supernaturally for his parents were aged one hundred and ninety when he was conceived by God’s miracle. Moses was appointed at birth to represent God and was the target of terrible criticism from the Israelites and even his own brother and sister. Christ filled John the Baptist with the Holy Spirit before he was born. He was ultimately beheaded because no one believed Christ chose him. Not one person in scriptures chosen and anointed as a representative of Christ had an easy life. They had to set themselves apart, and I’m sure they felt very isolated.

So, today I ask, are you chosen by God to be His ambassador? Are you afraid to take a leap of faith for fear of rejection? Please read Psalm 91 as it is God’s promises to His chosen and anointed people:

God will reward the fruits of our accomplishments at the end. Pick up your staff and walk my friends. Be strong in your commitment, now more than ever as the world’s flocks of sheep are like a pack of wolves. They hungrily circle God’s chosen to wait for the perfect chance to ensnare and devour your devotion. Be not afraid to stand in the barley and dance in the shade. Christians, we were born to represent Christ Jesus.



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8 thoughts on “A Representative of Christ

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  2. What Christ wants is our hearts and not religion, and on one is perfect by the one who sends us. God has called me as a Pastor and as the words of Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? And I said, “Here am I, Send Me!” You are correct Jim that we should not judge, as well as Jesus told Peter and us in Matthew 18:21-22 Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brothers or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times.” Jesus answered, “I tell you not seven times, but seventy-seven times. As often as you expect Christ to forgive your many sins so should we forgive one another, no one, I mean no one is perfect expect Christ himself, so forgive the ones who has cause you pain.

  3. Christianity led me to suicide and my 300 heavy metal albums are why I am here to tell you to tell you that my pastor ignored me, but Gene Simmons didn’t.

    I have also been physically attacked at church and I want religion banned for the sake of the people’s mental health.

    Matthew 7:1, as I got judged by another Christian.

    • Oh man Jim! Where can I begin? I am so sorry for your experience; it is truly heartbreaking! Let me begin by saying this – personally, I am a great believer in Christ Jesus. But, I have no home church because most are, in fact, a money pit. I stand behind my belief there should be one united church under God, not separate religions. You know, I remember when you could apply to be an ordained minister through an advertisement on the inside flap of a pack of matches! This is a good reason why you should not put your faith in people for all religious groups are flawed. Look at the Joel Osteen’s – he is one of the biggest hypocrites in the world. Then look at Billy Graham. He asked for nothing from his followers except to share the true representation of Jesus. We are, my friend, all searching for something in this world and it’s called salvation. For a peace of mind, we must know our HEART is in the right place. Let me touch on Gene Simmons for just a minute. Do you remember when the football player, Tim Tebow, took the field over by praying on one knee? Gene defended him even though he was raised Jewish and I think Hindu. But Gene, like myself, understood Tebow’s heart was in the right place. It’s a great example of exonerating people and that’s what Christ desires for His children.

      To date, not one of those large self-serving ministers has ever acknowledged my emails to them, but ironically, they, too, are following me. You see, God led me to be an alter to write His words to everyone, regardless of religion or lack thereof. I receive thousands of responses asking me what is wrong with the church’s establishment and this world. You’re not alone, Jim! This world’s issues is not about our president for he’s like Tebow trying to run a touchdown. So was Obama, Clinton, and even the Nixon’s. It is about closing the mind off to there being a God who truly loves you – even as a sinner!

      I’m not sure where you hale from, but please get out of the shadows and be counted! Don’t blame your pastor for he’s running like Tebow too, trying to make a touchdown as another sinner. I want YOU to be a Tebow and believe so you don’t get sacked at the goal line.

      Did you know Alice Cooper just gave his life over to Christ and there are many more in the entertainment industry who has done so. I know because they follow me too and we correspond regularly with them. We will all, sooner or later, come to a spot where God stands like a goal post welcoming us to make a touchdown into heaven. Brother in Christ, we are on the same team, believe me!

      I invite you to follow me too because though my blogs are Christian based, there is no judging not condemning of others. I will teach you Jesus’s ministry. God bless you Jim! We love you brother!

        • Please don’t expect too much from people. Most are lost to some degree and are disappointingly unable to be of much help! Enjoy my blog – my wife has done an awesome job and I hope my words are of some help!
          Please feel free to contact me anytime!

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