Play your part (Be inspired today 262 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

God is permanently leading you to your destiny. Did you know that? Your future is not left to you alone. It is both in your hands and God’s hands; and God never ceases to play his part.

To work very hard is good and necessary for your success as you cannot fold your arms and succeed.
But do not think it depends on your hard or smart work alone.
It does not.

No matter how hard you work or how smartly you work, in the end, it is God who puts a crown on your efforts. And you will find yourself rewarded, at times in ways you never expected and that your efforts alone cannot give you.

You are a fellow worker with God to create the reality of your life.

Just as you can’t do it alone, God won’t do it alone either. He has given you part of the responsibility making you a fellow-worker with him in that work.

But make no mistake. It is not that he cannot do what he wants, but that he has opted it should be that way.

You have a role to play which is simply to play your part; no more. And your part is to do your best and he will do the rest.

If you play your part well, he will play his part well. If you play your part badly, he will play his part badly.

God responds to how you play your part. That is the way he has decided it should be. He gives you the direct equivalent of what he has given you.

If you give him trust, he will put his trust in you. If you believe in him, he will believe in you. If you doubt him, he will doubt you. If your faith in him is strong, his faith in you will be strong.

Those who complain that God has not answered their prayer surely have not understood this. God gives you exactly the substance of your prayer. If your prayer lacks substance, you will go away empty. If it has substance in terms of faith, you will get a full dose of God’s response.

Play part by doing your work and filling your heart with faith that God will respond to your efforts in the best way.


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