Can’t jealousy stay out?

Something about love,
I find hard to understand;
Why we become so jealous
When it comes to love;
We share many things;
And find that ok;
But not love;
We become mad;
And call it names;
And find it hard to tolerate;
Who made it so?
Is it God or man?
Can’t jealousy and anger
Stay out if it?
Look at the Winter’s Tale;
See how strong
The jealousy was
In the heart of the king;
It almost caused untold harm;
Harm that would have been
Beyond repairs;
And all was baseless jealousy;
Founded on suspicion;
Imagine all the trouble;
Let us rethink;
And set new rules
That will remove suspicion,
Jealousy and anger from love.
For the way it is,
Most often,
Instead of sweetness,
It is bitterness love brings;
Because all wrapped around jealousy.


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