How often do you pray?

How often do you pray? Do you enjoy prayer? Some people think prayer is not worth it as it does not help them.

We don’t get much better from our prayers because we pray poorly. This brings to my mind the idea of misuse or poor use of a good thing and it gives poor results.

Let me make an analogy with a TV set you just buy. If you buy a new TV set and take home and cannot operate it or operate it poorly and it gives poor images, does that make the TV set bad? No! Your TV set is excellent but you don’t know how to operate it. A wise person will not condemn or dump the TV set but learn to operate it well. Let us look at another angle. Take that you operate your TV set well and it gives quality sound and images but you put the volume so high, what will be the result? It can damage your ears. A good thing becomes a bad thing because of how you use it and what you use it for.
God gave us the gift of prayer to enable us communicate with him. And he asked us to pray without ceasing. Are we to obey or to look for excuses? Prayer is talking and listening to God. An intelligent child knows what to do when he talks to his father. If you know that your father does not like you to sin don’t sin. But if you have sinned, don’t run away from him. Go back to him. What did the prodigal son do?

We are all called to holiness and it is a daily struggle. Do not say because you are a sinner you should not talk to your father again. In fact, you should talk to him because you are a sinner. Beg for his forgiveness and grace to sin no more.

To me, the world will be a far better place if we make prayer ( talking to God) a permanent feature of our lives; if we pray as we are commanded to do: pray without ceasing.


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  1. Prayer is vital for abundant life. It is more than talking. Pause and listen to what Father God is speaking back to you. One sided conversations are boring. Listening makes prayer come alive!

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