Team work (Be inspired today 271 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If I can’t understand
What you can understand,
Why should it surprise me
That you can do things
That I cannot do?

If I can understand
What you cannot understand,
Why should it surprise you
That I can do things
That you cannot do?

There are many things
That others can do
That you cannot do;
Many things you can do
That others cannot do.

That is how life goes.
If you think you can do
Everything you see others
I am afraid you will fail.

If anyone thinks
Because others are doing it
They must also do it,
They may get their shock.

You have your talent;
I have my talent;
Use your talent
As best you can;
Let me use mine same.

Then we combine our efforts
And build our edifice
That is great and beautiful.
The fruit of team work.


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