What are you reading?

You so much love learning;
What are you reading today?
A novel?
A newspaper
A magazine?
Or something else?
Let me take a look
At what you are reading;
And tell you a lot of things;
What you read
Is a big key to your future;
It can make you
Or it can mar you.
If it doesn’t open the door;
It will shut it at your face.
There is so much to read;
And no time to read it;
There is good stuff,
And there’s bad stuff;
Sweet stuff and bitter stuff.
Stay clear of nasty stuff;
Else it makes you a nasty one.

3 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. I am not reading a novel presently. I am reading through my Bible with a goal of finishing by the week of July 18. I can do this, with concentration, and working some daily on it. This is my 14th time, and it is a hobby. I get much delight, and comfort from reading the Word. I used to read a novel series. The author is ancient, but I loved her writing.

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