Wedding day

Wedding day is finally here,
So special a day;
A day not like other days;
And why so?
Because your all life changes
Once for all;
Or should I say forever?
For that is what happens;
From single life
To couple life;
Two are no longer two
But one;
That means two become one.
Sealed together by love!
Until death do you part.
We shall hear and witness
The oath;
As lovers take each other’s hand.

11 thoughts on “Wedding day

  1. Safer and best for everyone in the end, one happy ending leads to a snowball of happy endings there after.

    The old world will fall, the new one will take its place and it will be as beautiful as the one in our dreams.

      • Both, it’s what cured me in a past life and it’s the only cure in this one.

        Self control never truly comes from self or else I’d have changed my ways long ago.

        No I have merely spent 32 years fighting to go back on the leash instead of off it.

        Twin flames, soulmates are real and matter.

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