You alone must do it (Be inspired today 288 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Nobody will do it for you;
You alone must do it
For yourself;
If you wait for another,
You may wait all your life;
And let no one tell you
It is impossible;
Indeed, it isn’t;
Though that is what it looks;
You can do it if you want;
Who says you are finished?
That one is wrong;
You only look finished;
It only appears
You have come to the end
Of the road;
Not at all;
The future is bright for you;
The door can still open;
But you are the one
To take action;
To free yourself from bondage;
You are not doomed;
Stop condemning yourself;
You need just some effort,
Then you keep at it
Till success finally hits
At your door,
And you open widely.


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