I am back, struggling with job and finding my feet!

I am back, struggling with job and finding my feet!

Hi everyone I hope you are all OK wherever you are in the world..

SO. I have very recently finished sixth form. Which I am very grateful in some respects because I now can SAVE SAVE money for my future and now have a purpose within my life. But in other ways leaving sixth form for me is so SCARY for me because it is so overwhelming because I have been in my safe bubble for 8 years in total..

I started my job just under 2 weeks ago. Since I have started I have cried pretty much every day and have have been so confused my head has been everywhere. One minute I want to leave and the next I want to stay, do you ever get like that? But anyway I have a meeting with my manager and another lady about they can do for me, and a lady suggested something which I am happy with to get my confidence up and to feel more happy within myself. BECAUSE one thing that I have realized is that I can’t go back to school. Which it has now sunken in, after being at home since Friday.

But I hoping that from this day forward that things will really pick up, for my sake and others, such as my family as since I have been like this the have been also very stressed for me which isn’t good for them. But I know I can do this job. Because I have got the qualifications to say that I can do it. I just need to believe in myself.

Any support or help you can give me to help me get through it? It would be greatly appreciated? x

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  1. I’m in the same boat and wish to offer advice but have none. One thing that has been helping me lately is remembering that I can have all that want out of life but I just have to keep trying and remember that it may take years, but anything worth the wait is bound to be something to treasure. I too want to go back to school and will do so but just realized I can’t right now. Right now doesn’t mean forever. I work in a job that pays my bills but I am struggling paycheck to paycheck. I remind myself that this is only temporary—-right now doesn’t mean forever. Eventually I will keep trying to better myself and something will happen or I gain pride in myself for never giving up. So that’s what I would tell you. Keep trying. Never give up. Don’t settle. Go the distance. Life is full of temporary situations that we think will last forever. But we are constantly growing and changing and so is our circumstances🌅🌄🍀✨🧘🏻‍♀️

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