Start slow (Be inspired today 314 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When you see a car, a train or an aeroplane on speed, do not forget that it started on a low gear.

You always start your car on a low gear. But you don’t stay on that gear. Soon you may be flying on high speed.

Life is like a car. We all start like babies. Soon we become boys or girls; and soon men or women.

As a car does to stay on speed throughout, but must slow down to come to a halt, after some time, we humans start to slow down till we stop finally in the garage or park of life.

This is the same course that your project or goal must follow. It is not a wise strategy to start your project at the top. Start from the bottom and go up.

You do not try to jump to the top of the ladder. You start from down and go up. Even trying to skip some rungs can be catastrophic. Start slow and then get into gear.


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