The peak of foolishness (Be inspired today 315 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do you know the peak
Of foolishness?
I do;
The peak of foolishnes
Is to refuse
To believe in God;
No foolishness surpasses that.
I wonder how they think;
I mean those people
Who don’t believe in God;
I really wonder;
What goes through their minds?
Dont they see how limited
They are?
How helpless they are?
Dont they see
There is a power
That is more than them?
That controls life
In this world?
When you came into the world
Was not decided by you;
When you will leave the world,
Will not be determined by you;
Who determines then?
Some power more than you;
A mighty power, it must be;
Is it foolish to pay tribute
To such a power?
Not at all;
It is foolish rather not to.
This is such a mighty power,
You can’t see him;
You can’t touch him;
You dont know where he lives,
But he is real,
Doing the marvels we know;
He alone can reveal himself
To us;
And he’s done so;
It’s so foolish to doubt;
And empty pride;
Dont think you can fully know him;
He is too complex for your simple mind;
You must accept in faith.
If it’s hard,
Plead with him to help you
To believe;
He will do it for you.
Don’t be too foolish
Not to believe in God;
The peak of foolishness
Is to refuse to believe
In God.

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