What can you say?

If you have been following my poems to my sweetheart, you certainly would have seen I have posted poem number 100.

So many poems to one person aren’t they? Well, not too many to my sweetheart and those of you who enjoyed them.

Did you enjoy them?

I really enjoyed writing those poems; just as I enjoy my sweetheart. But don’t get me wrong. It isn’t all milk and honey with my sweetheart and I. Nowhere in the wide world is it that.

It was sweet, no doubt, but only at times. Bitter moments took their turn, though I wouldn’t say abounded.

What is paramount is knowing how to overcome them; and overcome them, we did. We sailed through to where we are. Good enough, the ship didn’t sink.
I hope you got some inspiration from them. That is one reason they were written.
To inspire you to grow.

We can always learn from others. That can be a great way to grow in relationship.

If you enjoyed those poems, why not let us know? And if you did not, you can always drop a note.

May God’s richest blessings never stop pouring on you!


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