Don’t squander your time (Be inspired today 320 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Don’t give yourself reason to regret tomorrow. And you will regret if in your old age you realize that you squandered your time when you were young and energetic.

This happens to many people when they find themselves in old age low down the social ladder while their mates are up; and they find the only reason is their mates worked hard and they didn’t. Instead they squandered their time in activities meant to give them temporary satisfaction.

Proper utilisation of your time is very important especially when you are young. Do not spend any second of it on what is not of real benefit to you and humanity.

It is imperative to think of tomorrow. Make sacrifices today and enjoy tomorrow than to go for enjoyment today and suffer tomorrow.

Hard work is sowing good seeds for enjoyment tomorrow.

Laziness is sowing good seeds for suffering tomorrow.

Responsible behavior will prepare the farm for a good harvest. Irresponsible behavior will prepare it for suffering and frustration.

The choice is very clear; and it is yours if you are still young.

Had many of the people who are old and miserable now been wiser and responsible when they were young, they would have been old and happy today.

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