Pray for others

God asks us to pray. He asks us to pray without ceasing. But he does not ask us to pray for ourselves alone.

God likes when we pray for others as Jesus Christ did when he was on earth. Jesus Christ never prayed for himself alone. He prayed for himself quite, but also and mostly for others. Can’t we follow this example?

It is important to pray for others because the world is full of problems. People are facing enormous difficulties. Many people are suffering in many ways. And on their own, they are helpless. They need the divine hand of God. And it is prayer that will move God to help.

Unfortunately, many of those who need to pray the most don’t prayer. Either they don’t know about prayer or they don’t believe in prayer.

Some believe in prayer but are too lazy to pray.

Prayer is the strongest force that moves God. He is ready to turn to us and help us if we call on him. And the way to call on him is through prayer.

God is prepared to hear us when we pray for ourselves. He is equally ready to hear us when we pray for others.

If we pray that God may be generous to us, we must be ready to show generosity to others; and praying for others is a sign of generosity.

Therefore, in your prayers today, do not leave out others. Pray that God may listen to their cries, pay attention to their suffering and give them relief.


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