Where would I be without you? (Be inspired today 321 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Where would I be today
Had I not have God
In my life?
My faith in God
Is my most precious possession;
No amount of money
Can be more than God
In my life;
No property
Can be more valuable
Than God in my life;
No position
Do I Prize more than
My belief in God.
If I lose all my money,
I will not mind it;
If I lose my property,
My home, my car, my land,
I will not mind it.
But if I lose God,
I will cry;
I will mourn;
I will weep.
I will guard God jealously;
He is the most precious thing
I own.
God, you are my silver
And my gold;
You are the world to me.

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