All You Need To Know About Depression

Unhappiness, feeling down, having a lack of interest or delight in everyday activities – these are signs and symptoms familiar to all and sundry. However, if they persist and have an effect on our lifestyle and existence significantly, it could be depression.

Melancholy/depression, is a mood disorder characterized via consistently low mood and a sense of unhappiness and lack of interest. It is a chronic problem, not a passing one, lasting on average 6 to eight months.

Diagnosis of depression begins with a session with a doctor/physician/health practitioner or mental health expert. It is vital and crucial to seek the assistance of a health expert to rule out different reasons of depression, make a specific and correct differential diagnosis, and secure safe and effective remedy.

For the past 10 months we have been facing this in our house. Sept 2018 my father had a heart faliure and had to take the support of AICD. For one and half months he was in ICCU. We thought that the aurat had past. But fate had other plans.

December 2018 he was diagnosed with cancer. He was bitten by the big bug! Primary was in the lungs and secondary in the pelvic region. It had metastasized into the bones too. My father went into a depression for obvious reasons.

He is 82 and has taken 10 radiation sessions and 5 chemotherapies. 6th is due next week. He still goes into depression but we as a family have not given up. He himself is a doctor but things can be difficult at times. But he is fighting.

Why am I telling you all this…?

Because an excellent guest post on my blog on the same issue got me talking about this. This was also the reason I could not post birthday posters for so long.

Yes, my father is still battling the big bug (cancer) at 82 and we stand by him at every step.

Do Read this wonderful article by Tanusri on the same.

Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Medications, and Therapies


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  1. This is actually a tough phase and very difficult to pull someone out of this! But it really feels good to know that you all are with him. Hope he recovers soon and starts feeling your love again!

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