Content is not all

If you ask what to do to get more traffic to your site, I know many people will tell you to create good content.

If you create good content will you attract more readers?

You will, of course; but I don’t think that is all that you need.

Good content alone is not enough to draw the number of readers that I know you would like for your site.

Good content alone will not make your site stand out.

Do not depend on good content alone although it is important.

There are many other factors.

You also need to know how to make yourself visible to others. The best article will end in your shop if nobody knows its there.

Write good content, but make it visible. Display your product. Take it to market.

You need to know how to use social media to put your content in many markets to get it to more people.

Another thing is to give to others what you want them to give to you. This is very important. Nobody will care about you if you don’t care about them.

Follow other bloggers, read, like and comment on their content. They will return the gesture. This is what makes blogging such hard work.

You can see from this brief presentation that it takes more than good content to win readers to your site. Though content is very important, if you depend only on producing good content and neglect the other aspects, you will end up frustrated.

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