What is marriage?

Marriage is a two-in-one
When two merge into one;
Not physically,
But in mine and heart;
To journey together
On the plains of love;
Up the hills,
And down the valleys
of joys and sorrows;
Many are the spoilers
Along the way:
Anger, suspicion
Jealousy, arguments,
And quarrels;
Many stumbling blocks
Spread out also:
Money, friends, intruders;
And what have you?
You have to fill
Your traveling bag
With lots of love,
Tolerance, positive attitude
And patience,
Else you hit hard the rocks
Of disaster before you know.
Though some sail through
To silver, bronze, gold
And diamond;
The light of others
Quenches just at take-off.
Marriage, though hard
Is indispensable
For continuity of life.
Follow the blue print
And enjoy your marriage.
Don’t, disaster kisses you.


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