Gradually going back up (Be inspired today 339 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Have you noticed we are gradually going back up?
That is what we are doing;
Slowly but surely,
We are climbing back up
To where we onced were,
But slipped,
And fell;
What is happening
Is so nice;
And just because
We refused to give up;
We did not surrender;
Though many times
We were tempted
To do so;
You know how easy
It can be
To throw in the towel,
When the going is rough,
But we had the courage
To stay on;
Thank God we did;
Now, we are reaping
The crops;
The harvest is promising
To be abundant;
Confirming our belief;
That success eventually comes
To those who refuse to quit.
The journey back up
Has started;
And once you start,
Have hope
That you will arrive.
That is the hope we have.
We will arrive.


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