What do you think about yourself?

What do you think about yourself?

Do you know that you are capable? I want you to know this. It is important.

I like you to know how people see you.

Many people see you as a capable person. Of course, some do not. Not all can.

Many people do not take you for granted as you fear. So you must throw off that fear.

Many people think you are a self confident person. That is how you look – self confident.

Do you know that many people believe in you?

Yes, they do. Only one person does not believe in you and that person is you.

You doubt yourself more than others doubt you. I don’t advise that.

Many people look greater in your eyes than they really are.

You place others first and yourself last. That is not the best thing for you. What do you think?

Value yourself. God created you in his own image. That is the encouragement I can give you today.


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