Poverty of humanity

Tell me how you feel
About the fact that
Some people go to bed
And sleep soundly on luxurious beds
Knowing lots of others
Have no bed to lie on.

Tell me how you feel
Having three square delicious meals a day,
Knowing that many people
Have not had one meal
All day.

Tell me how you feel
Throwing away food
Because you have more
Than enough
When there are people
Who will never stop
Thanking God if you gave
Them your leftovers.

So much is wasted
In the world, isn’t t?
Whereas people are suffering
In abject poverty;
Either we lack the ability
To share,
Or we lack of a heart, or both.
What a sad thing
For the world!
A sad thing for humanity.

If people are suffering
And dying from poverty,
Hunger and disease,
It is not because of
Scarcity of resources,
It is because of
Scarcity of love.
For lack of love,
We think only of self.
Others don’t matter
As long as we are fine.

One thought on “Poverty of humanity

  1. We lack the heart. We see pain and suffering in others and turn away easily. We can even justify our own actions that cause it

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