Return as a champion (Be inspired today 345 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I just witnessed something
Which amazed me;
I was, to say the least, Astounded;
But it goes to confirm
A belief I hold very strongly;
Nothing can be impossible
To you
If you put your heart in it,
Of course, it must be
Something doable;
We can do many seemingly
Impossible things,
But we defeat ourselves
By believing we cannot;
Once we believe,
It becomes possible,
If we put in or fail
To put in
The necessary hard work.
Do you know what amazed me?
A plane some teenagers
In South Africa
Have manufactured;
I mean a plane;
It’s simply dumbfounding;
Who could have imagined?
A lot of us waste our potential;
We have to stop doing that;
We must go out and do things;
Do great things;
Imagine what Obama did;
Who could have imagined that?
Or that Macron could do
What he did?
You can do things my friend;
Things that are great.
Just believe in yourself;
And the ever available
Guidance of God in your life.
Then go out with a vengeance.
You will return as a champion.


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