Unchangeable law (be inspired today 344 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you say I am wrong,
I won’t mind it;
But to be honest with you,
This is what I believe;
And I do so with all my heart;
It is an unchangeable law:
Every dollar or coin
That you earn honestly
Is the fruit of your sowing;
If you sow a good seed
On fertile ground,
At a good planting time,
And you tend to the crops,
You will reap;
They must bear fruit;
It is not a joke
When we say
We reap what we sow;
We mean it;
If you get a good goal,
And you give it time,
Work on it,
Do all you can,
You will get the results
You want.
This is my believe;
Choose a good goal,
As you select good seeds
To plant;
Plant your goal by working on it;
Fertilize and tender it
By bringing your skill,
creativity, resourcefulness
Into it;
As you patiently wait for your crops to grow,
Be patient and persist
If desired results don’t come.
With effort, and time,
They will come.


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