You can feel the fear

If you ask me now
About my state of mine,
I will tell you
I am in a confused state;
Who is not;
Nothing is certain;
The future is bleak;
Survival is in the hands
Of God alone;
You don’t know
What can happen,
And when it can happen;
So tell me why
I wouldn’t be confused;
And afraid;
And worried;
It’s only faith in God
That keeps us going;
The least sound you hear
Outside your home
Sends fear waves through
Your body;
You don’t know
If they are coming
For you;
The worst fear of all:
Anything can happen
If they come for you;
That could be the end
Of your journey
Here on earth.
You can feel the fear;
It’s real.
Really real;
But, of course, in God
We trust.


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