You will be tempted

You will be tempted;
You will face many
in life;
True or false?
Already, you face many
You will face many more.
They will come knocking
On your door,
To let you in.

You will be tempted
To believe you are
Not good enough;
Many are tempted
To believe so.
Don’t fall into that temptation.
You are good enough;
You are better than
You think;
You are better than
Many people whom you
Think are better
Than you.

You will be tempted
To try to reap
Where you did not sow;
Do not fall into that
It is a dangerous thing
To do.
Only reap
From your farm.
Don’t reap where
You did not sow.

You will be tempted
To fall into
Base behaviour;
Do not give in to such
This temptation
Can be very strong;
And you think
You cannot resist.
You better resist
It is better for you.

You will be tempted
To say what
You should not say;
Don’t fall into that
You cannot retract
What you have said.
And words can build,
And can also destroy.
One wrong word
Can destroy a nation.

The temptations that
can come your way
Cannot be counted;
They are on all sides;
Do not fall into those
They are the highway
To sin, crime, destruction
Avoid them to pave
Your way to success;
To fall into them
Is to walk straight
Into failure.


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