Challenges are good (Be inspired today 350 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I like challenges;
Its your problem
If you don’t like challenges;
Challenges are good;
Don’t wave this aside
Until you ask me why
And hear my response;
There are many reasons
Challenges are good;
They draw you closer to God;
Or do I say push?
They push you closet to God;
We have challenges
Where I am;
And everyone is on their knees;
Church houses are full;
Always full these days;
Everyone starts their day
With a prayer,
And end it with a prayer;
It was never like this.
Honestly, challenges are good;
And many people put on
Their thinking cap
When challenges come;
The result is more creativity;
Better production;
If you sail through life
Without being challenged,
That is not a good thing
For you;
You will be soft
Like a vegetable;
Challenges toughen you;
And life demands
That we be tough not soft.
If you’re tough,
You will break through.
If you are soft,
Life breaks you.
So, welcome challenges,
Challenges are good.


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