Cry of my heart

My humble cry, O Lord,
I put before you;
The cry of my heart;
My cry for my people
In suffering;
I yearn for you, O Lord
To make my people happy;
I yearn for you
To make my people succeed;
I yearn for you
To make my sick people well;
Yes, I yearn for you
To give them peace of mind;
To prosper them;
To make them know wealth;
And live in abundance;
Not lack;
I yearn for you, O Lord,
To make my people live free
Of the pangs of poverty
And suffering;
That they may know
The blessings of sunshine.
This, my heart desires
For my people;
This is my prayer, O Lord,
My cry for the people I love;
May you, in your heavenly throne
Hear my humble cry!
The cry of the heart
Of your unworthy servant.

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