It will end up obliging (Be inspired today 351 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Don’t think success will
Fly like a bird to you;
To the best of my knowledge,
Success doesn’t have wings;
It doesn’t even have legs
To walk, talk less of run;
Success is fixed on its spot;
Its there, and always there,
Waiting for you;
If you come, good for you;
If you don’t come, too bad
For you;
If will be there, waiting;
And you will be there
Starving of success.
The best thing to do,
If you want success is,
Go get it; short and simple;
If you do so the right way,
At the right time,
You will get it;
If you don’t get it, insist;
If you insist enough,
It will oblige, sooner or later.


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