Stop fighting with your spouse!

Stop fighting with your spouse;
If you beat your wife again,
I will no longer be your friend;
And madam, stop provoking him;
You don’t it to your husbandj;
In marriage, no one must hit
Or speak rudely to the other;
Love and respect are Paramount;
Without the two in marriage,
It cannot last.
Work hard for your marriage;
You don’t leave it to chance.
Fight fair as we say,
Meaning you do your best to make
Your marriage succeed.
Are you going to do that?


2 thoughts on “Stop fighting with your spouse!

  1. I’ll bet you didn’t know an old Plymouth could do 140. Don’t make us mad, don’t put the checking account $1000 in the red (especially by playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook) and don’t cheat.

    She did all of that and now lives a lonely existence (like I care).

  2. Never argue with her. Just burn tread down your driveway and hit the freeway for an hour. Shooting down at 120 mph is a little bit better than screaming words in the heat of a moment that you can never take back.

    You’ll begin to feel better once you hit triple digits.

    140 mph in Irvine, California was the angriest I was during my first marriage. I’m so glad I divorced the two-timing whore.

    I understand she grew two more chins since the divorce. The best part was the guy she hooked up with while she was still “married” to me turned blue as a smurf and checked out.

    I doubled over with laughter for three days after I got the news because she cheated on me and nearly put me in bankruptcy in the process.

    Don’t cheat on your husbands, girls.

    As for me, I now have the sweetest woman in the world who encourages me as I draw closer a Master’s.

    Asian women RULE!!!!

    \m/ \m/

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