I am happy I know you

Happy today is Tuesday;
What a great gift to me;
Tuesday or Today;
That’s you, Tuesday;
That’s your family name;
You have been given
Directly to me by God;
Nobody else
Could have done it;
That is why I must
Handle you like an egg;
You are more than egg;
Do you know an egg?
A real delicacy;
A super delicacy;
But you are much more;
You are more than silver;
More than gold;
You are life;
If I hadn’t known you,
I would have missed
In fact, knowing you
Is all that was needed
To be here, alive;
Thank God for it!
He made it possible;
To know you;
And now you see;
I am happy I know you.
But that cannot be all;
What do I do with
This wonderful gift?
Which is you?
I will maximize it.

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