Don’t end in oblivion (Be inspired today 365 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Not all great men are
Born great.
Only some are;
Many are common people
Who become great
Through the sweat
Of their brow;
They decide to,
And do what it takes
To become great;
And when they do,
Greatness becomes theirs;
Yes, not all men are
Born great,
But all men have
The potential
To become great;
Yet, only a few
Exploit it;
And those who do it
To the full,
Become great;
Those who exploit it
Only averagely,
Become averagely great,
And those who allow it
To lie dormant,
Never become great;
They end in oblivion.
Don’t end in oblivion,
Since you have
The potential to be great.

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