NC Thoughts 7.10.19

I am so blessed to work as an Administrative Assistant for a local church. They aren’t just a church. They hold a yearly literacy program for Primary students! They also have summer Vacation Bible school and a pre-school throughout the school year.

Coming from the corporate world, I am awestruck by the positive atmosphere that these young children help create.

I don’t feel my new job is a pain, I embrace it’s refreshing atmosphere with open arms.

I am simply amazed at the difference. I hope that more people can/could experience positivity in their jobs.

Here’s to more individuals having the freedom to be happy at their “day” jobs.

Kind Regards

And #winning – K

One thought on “NC Thoughts 7.10.19

  1. I am going to be transparent the way that I was on another reply. I was in a classroom seminar-type situation and they were talking about how you know what God called you to do. Most people in the class seemed to believe that one way you know it is that you really feel go about doing it. I asked the instructor if feeling good and being happy about a work necessarily a sign that you have been called to that work because I have been director of vacation Bible School for about 15 years and because of the lack of adult participation I always get saddled with teaching the kids and I hate, and they tell me, “Rev. Radford, but you are so good at it and they love you.” When I asked that question, one of the know-it-all students proceeded to jump all over me and judge me telling that I was resisting the will of God, etc. He didn’t seem to hear me say that I was still teaching and that VBS was growing yearly.Anyway, after he finished his tirade I proceeded to point the class to the book of Jonah who did not want to preach to the Ninevites. He obviously did not enjoy the idea, yet when he did, it resulted in a great revival. Hence, feeling good about a work is not necessarily evidence of one’s calling, to which the classroom responded with, “Amens”. I do agree with you that people are blessed when they are happy in their work.I am a pastor and a teacher and I love doing both. I actually love children, but I just don’t want to teach other people’s children.Ok. so sue me. I did not disagree with anything you said. I just wanted to give another side of it. What God wants from us is faithfulness and it is nice if we enjoy some of those callings. I never wanted to go into jail and minister to anybody, but I get paid to do it and I love working with the inmates and they seem to love me. Forgive me for the longest replyI have ever given anybody.

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