Leadership Development

The art of personal development is one of the process that marks the commencement of leadership quality in an individual.

Which leader would you say has impacted you the most? It is certain, there must be some things about that leader that attracted you and won you over.

Do you know that you also have the potential of becoming a leader?

But before we go further,who is a leader?

Different people have different definition and views of who a leader is. But this is who i think a leader should be:

A leader should be someone who has the ability to influence people positively. Start influencing people around you positively.

A leader is someone who is passionate about bringing out the best out of people.

A leader is someone who is compassionate. Are you compassionate about the people around you?

A leader is someone who genuinely does the right things for the right reasons. Do you always do the right thing genuinely or with ulterior motives?

A leader should be principled and people cantered.

As a leader, the situation you live in does not have to live in you.

A leader is someone who always leave a place and people better than the way he or she met them.

Leadership development is first about yourself as a leader then developing those that are following you to also become leaders by laying a good example for them to follow.

According to John Maxwell in his book “Developing the leader within You” states that leadership is the ability to obtain followers

If leadership is the ability to obtain followers then the next thing that comes to mind is how so i lead these people that are following me?

Your character will to a large extent determine how well you lead your followers

Character development precedes leadership development and a good character makes a great leader while a bad character makes a bad leader.

What is Character?

According to Myles Monroe; character is what you know about yourself, who you are when no one is watching

Another word for character is integrity and integrity is being sincere and honest with God, with others and yourself.

As a leader if your character is questionable in private it can stand against you in public

It is important to note that freedom is a thing of the mind, a function of your cogitation. If you are bound in your mind you can not be free on your outward disposition.

Truth about leadership

One truth about leadership is that, it is only people who are free that can truly lead and it is the truth that sets free.

Some leaders are born and some leaders are made. But everyone is a leader in one way or the other.

Knowledge is power, an essential tool in leadership. My people perish for the lack of knowledge.

As you develop yourself as a leader, be mindful of the fact that you are loaded with great potentials for problem solving. You are loaded with potentials for meeting needs. You are embedded with potentials for making positive changes in your family and society at large.

Identity what needs to he done around you and do it if you can. Leadership development is about taking the first step. Even if nobody follows you at first, when they see that you are consistent they will.

Let me know who has impacted you positively as a leader and how you are also impacting the people around you in your own little way.

Many thanks for coming around, until next time..




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