Amazon Selling Your Counterfeited Books

I made a brief post on Facebook yesterday concerning Amazon selling forged and counterfeit books. To all my author friends, as well as myself who is an author, I am greatly concerned about this matter. I am listing two links below which flagged me to this prevalent and on-going problem with Amazon.


I strongly believe this has happened to me and it is now under investigation. In order to force Amazon to set in place a policing law, a Class-Action lawsuit should be filed against them. I am urging all authors, whether you are represented by a publisher or are self-published, to PLEASE investigate your sales! How do you go about it?

            Look at your sales charts in Author Central in Amazon. Though these charts are not entirely accurate, do you see sales but have not received royalty money? This is a red flag.

            On your Amazon listing, notice the books being sold at a discounted price. Most counterfeit books are sold in this category.

            Start to order a copy of your books from different vendors who are selling your book, especially if they are being sold at a deep discount.

            Have you received comments from people who purchased your book who said there were spelling errors, incorrect page numbers, or other complaints? This is a red flag!

            Counterfeiting is done not only with physical books but by e-books too. Be sure to check those as well.

When you receive the copies of your books from different vendors, compare them closely to your original copy. Counterfeiting is performed by a computer scanning the original script. As a result, page numbers are often incorrect, there may be smudges in the book, colors are often incorrect, and spelling errors are very prevalent throughout the book. If your book won an award, very often the award is not produced on counterfeit books.

If you know you, too, are a victim of counterfeit book sales, I ask you to consider joining us in a Class Action lawsuit against Amazon. The more authors who bind together, the larger the legal action will be and the better the results. Amazon is a giant, but we are hiring a very high-profile attorney who will not only file a lawsuit but will also place this matter into the public eye. It’s the only way to prevent counterfeiting of our future books!

Dana Bicks

You may email me at: for more information or to get involved.


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