I found my way

Happiness is the word I have been looking for. I am happy I found my way. Often, it is not easy to find your way. I know I am told if there’s a way, you can always find it. I want to believe in it. What about you?

The only problem is, there is a challenge I usually face. I do not want to say “always face”, though I tend to think that way. My problem has to do with struggling for too long with certain issues. What is worse, not finding my way in the end

Yes, I do know if I hold fast and don’t quit, I will eventually make it, but at what cost?That would be victory bought at a very exhorbitant price.

I know your argument would be victory is victory. Of course, I know that is the bottom line; but I want victory at a reasonable cost just like others. I am fully aware that one’s five fingers are not the same, as my people say; but it hurts to have to strain every nerve before you get what you want.

What is soothing is knowing that in the final analysis, at the end of the day, after all the struggling, you can sit back and say “Thank God I made it.”

3 thoughts on “I found my way

  1. I believe God gave us the ability to cross mountains not carry them. He also gave us breath with which to sigh in relief and then release with our breath out of various stresses and strains. When that sense of accomplishment takes hold we thank Him in appreciation because it feels so good to know that He had our back! 🙂

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