Laiky’s amazing story (Be inspired today 360 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When I first knew Laiky, he was sitting on mud. I don’t know if he ate some of it, but he had no source of food. He permanently starved.

Do I say he was lost? That would be for lack of a better description.

Honestly, I felt so sorry for him. The world did not seem to want him.

Had you seen him, I feel convinced you would have felt like me.

I really thought it would have been better he had not been born.

Thirty years have gone by. That memory never left me until recently. I carried it along, feeling sorry that the world should have people like that.

But do you know what? Who are we to question God? I just got to ask myself that rhetorical question.

God works in miraculous ways. It is hard to understand his mysterious ways. At times you think he is going west when he is actually going east. At times he is going North but arrives in the South.

In common parlance we say God writes straight on crooked lines. Some will say he rides straight on crooked lanes. That says it all.

He wrote straight on Laiky’s crooked line. When I saw him after thirty years, you cannot begin to guess where he was.

I bet that the furthest stretch of your imagination is not likely to give you the right answer.

Today, Laiky is my President. The President of our country. The man I pitied so much for sitting on mud is my President. He lives in a palace.

I can’t just start to believe. It is more like a fairy tale to me. I know it may not mean much to you because you do not know him; where he is coming from. You have only learned about him; but I am talking about someone I know.

I wonder if he himself remembers he ever sat on mud. Can he recall how it was when he now lives in an ivory tower?

I am still to take time to go step by step to understand how and when the magical transformation occurred.

What I can say already is that miracles do occur; and moving from rags to riches is a possibility for every normal human being.

If I happen to get details of this story, I cannot keep from you. It has so much inspired me.

What I take home from it, and hope it is your take home also, is that anyone can rise from rags to riches. You can go from the bottom of the mountain to the top.

Another way of putting it, you can go from oblivion to prominence. You can go from the foot of the ladder to the last rung; from an unknown quantity to a world renowned figure.

This is not mere fiction. It’s reality. With God, everything is possible.

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