My answer is “yes”

Look at yourself carefully,
Look at yourself in your mirror;
And ask yourself a few questions;
Are you the person
God meant you to be?
You must not walk through life
Half awake and half asleep;
Go through life fully awake;
Be aware of God’s plan
For you;
God has a big plan for you;
A plan to make you live fully;
A plan to make you happy;
A plan to make you strong;
A plan to make you loved;
A plan to make you famous;
A plan to make you obedient;
A plan to make you successful;
A plan to give you many children,and grandchildren;
Who together with you
Will be God-fearing.
This is God’s lofty plan
Specially designed for you;
A plan which eloquently
Reflects God’s love for you;
God immensely loves you;
And wants you to be intimate
With him.
What answer do you give him?
Mine is a clear, loud “Yes!”


One thought on “My answer is “yes”

  1. A resounding YES works for me too. He had a plan when He created the heavens and the earth, and Us, so in the planning department, He’s #1 in my book. He knew what He was doing then, and I don’t believe that has changed. I’d follow His plan anytime, anywhere, and feel blessed that where I have nary a clue… He has got my back!!!

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