The words you use

Today, I shared with some friends on language especially on the words we use to communicate with others.

My point was, words are very important. They are a powerful communication tool. We have to take care about the words we use because although they can build, they can also destroy.

It is necessary to make sure that we use words that build not words that destroy.

I believe strongly in the power of words to build or destroy. The truth is, the words we use shape the world just a they shape our relationships and our individual and collective destinies.

One word can change the direction of your life. One word can transform your life. One word can lift you out of oblivion into stardom. It all depends on how it is used or how we use it.

There are right words and wrong words for every situation. When you use the right words, you ignite positive waves that work to bring positive results. The reverse is true also. Words are not just like seeds, words are seeds. Some are good seeds and some are bad seeds. But whether good or bad seeds, they grow. The difference is in what they produce. The good seeds produce good fruits while the bad ones produce bad fruit.

Hence, we are encouraged to only sow positive words so that they produce positive results.

One thought on “The words you use

  1. Although I always make an effort to make nice with the words I use in my blog posts, I definitely turn on the charm by using positive sounding words when talking to and about myself to myself. I’m thoughtful about my use of words here lest I do harm to my highest and best pursuits.

    Also, when I’m kind to myself, I find I’m better equipped to extend kindness to others when constructing words that will land hard or soft on their eardrums. Words have meaning!

    Knowing I most always mean what I say, paying careful attention to the words that come out of my mouth is key!!

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