What happens to most prayers?

What happens to most prayers? Are they answered or not answered?

A lot of people complain that their prayers are not answered.

They say even when they pray hard for long, they do not have any answer. Hence, one can be led to conclude that most prayers are not answered, which is not true.

The actual fact is most prayers are not answered the way the people who pray want.

Do you know why?

It is because of what they ask for in their prayers; and secondly how they expect the prayer to be answered.

What most people pray for are material things especially money. And want the prayer answered immediately.

They want to get the money they have prayed for as soon as they finish their prayer.

God answers all prayers. He answers your prayers; but it may not be the way you want it answered.

Most of the times God gives you wisdom to do what you pray for. That is an answer to your prayer.

God may also solve the problem you want money for without necessarily giving you money. For instance, you may pray for money to buy food and God will not give you money but will give you food.

You may pray for money to fuel your car and go visit a friend and God will not give you money. He may send someone to give you a lift. He may give you energy to do it on foot. He may refuse to let you go for your good.

Most prayers, if not all prayers, are answered.


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