Letter to the rich

Dear rich people of the world,
Tell me how you got your riches;
Did you earn them honestly?
Or you acquired them dishonestly?
If you earned them honestly,
That is good;
You have a right to enjoy
The sweat of your brow.
If you earned them
In the dark,
What a shame!
Riches are good,
When not earned through
Dirty hands.
Ill-gotten wealth is bad;
And ends up destroying its author.
Be rich if you can;
But know how you get
Your riches;
Feed not fat on the poor;
And in opulence swim,
While they like flies perish
In abject poverty.


2 thoughts on “Letter to the rich

  1. Good post,
    The moment I read it, my sociology classes kicked in. I can hear my Professors now.
    I can tell you how not to get rich.
    Enjoy your Sunday. I enjoy reading your writing.

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