Master the fundamentals (Be inspired today 376 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If your success boat
Hits the rocks,
Tossed by the waves,
When you set sail
For treasure island,
Wisdom does not call
That you fold your tail
Like a beaten dog
And call it quits
For your expedition;
You do well to return
To the drawing board;
You take time
To start afresh;
You ensure
That you master
The fundamentals;
That is the first thing;
From there,
You move ahead;
Many a times people fail,
Not because
They cannot win,
But because they have not
Mastered the fundamentals;
Which is like building
A house
Without a foundation;
What do you expect?
It will become a heap
Before your own very eyes.
You master the fundamentals;
I call that the key.
The main guarantor
Of your success.

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