All success is the will of God

If God wills it,
You will succeed;
All success is the will
Of God;
If He doesn’t will it,
There is no magic
That can make you succeed;
You cannot make it
On your own;
You cannot make it
Outside God’s will.
I know you will ask:
Why would God will
That some people succeed
And not others?
Who can say they know
The answer?
That is a mystery of God;
Too hard for
Any human understanding;
And we have no right
To question or judge Him;
Do we?
He is almighty;
In the first place,
We don’t know what life
All means;
It’s a free gift;
Why did God create us?
Where are we going?
Where are we coming from?
Where were we before?
That is one of the secrets
Of life,
Which are unknown to mortals;
Our purpose here is only known
To him;
Your duty is to surrender
To him;
Let him take control;
And guide you;
And lead you.
But to surrender to God
Does not mean
To fold your arms
And do nothing;
So wrong indeed;
It means
To do the best you can
At your human level,
Following the guidance
Of God;
To follow the path
He shows you;
The direction
He points to you;
The instructions
He gives you;
You will get to
The right place;
Maybe not where you want
To go,
But where He wants you
To go;
Where it’s best for you.

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