What life is about

Life is not what you think;
Life is not about feeling defeated;
Life is about feeling
That victory is coming;
Life is about accepting
What we cannot change;
And changing what we can;
Life is about fighting
To see that you get
What you want;
Life is not about despair;
Life is about hope;
For while all may seem hopeless,
There is always a glimmer
Of hope;
And that tiny spark can grow
Into a wildfire of the good
you want.
Life is not about giving up;
Which is the straight road
To cowardice;
Life is about persisting;
Holding fast
To your boat even if some sails fall off;
And struggling to sail
to shore
Ever hoping the rescue team
Will arrive in time;
Life is about feeling strong;
If is about believing
The best is in the air;
And soon to land;
That is what life is about.

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